Warframe Wall of Fame


Left after PC account migration cloned over and erased all of his progress on XB1. Was an amazing influence around here. Always positive, helpful and working to do something to make our clan a better place… You will be missed bro.

…Scratch that, he has recently just came back to us! … it’s just too bad he didn’t forget his bag of corny and Canadian jokes haha. Welcome back Slytt!


Very very few have shown the level of dedication and commitment as Diippzzz has. Been here since damn near the beginning and has never stopped working towards our goals along side myself. As long as we have leaders like this stepping out of the shadows, Lock n Load will always stay on top.


Super has been here also since right around the start. He is what I would call the resident “Hard @$$” but thats only because of the amount of blood, sweat and forma he has put into our clan. It was mainly with his help that we designed and managed to construct our new dojo so quickly. This guy is always just itching to step into a dueling arena, and then give you a prime set if you do manage to beat him haha… did I mention for being a hard @$$, he is unbelievably generous…?

Zero Mercy

You ever heard the expression “Make it rain”? This guy here lives life by that expression. He has been almost like a “Clan Sponsor” the way a sports team has sponsors! No joke… he has given away over 60,000 platinum randomly and without asking anything in return. Been the sponsor of many great events for the clan, and a great personality that has helped keep our clan competitive yet light hearted and fun. Also one of the clan Twitch Streamers! Thank you Zero for everything you have done.
…I also heard there is a rumor he had so much plat that he plated his ship in it… load a game with him and find out!


Another one of our Clan Twitch Streamers, this guy has been the origin of many of our Clan’s “Secret Weapons” or strategies we have pioneered over the past. While majorly focused in PvP, he has topped leaderboards of many kinds, and has the knowledge and skill to easily do so, or teach others how to do so also.

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