Warframe Ranks

The Ranking System is based off of multiple factors. There are Ranks that solely require a certain Mastery Rank, while there are also Solar Rail or Help/Support focused Ranks also. They are as followed:

Founders: Xodus03, Diippzzz, SuperBlack989, Grimm Shinigami, ZeRo MeRcY, IHasHairyNipzz (retired), Lorewalker1022 (retired), Bubba5234.

– These are the Warlords, and have the right to speak on behalf of the entire Clan and Council if needed.
– People who have been here since the very start.
– Shown commitment to the Clan beyond their own needs.
– There as a leader to support, inform, and help as they can.
– Responsible for Clan events.
– Clan Moderators.

Council: Crucial26, Prawnus Maximus, MARS Q3, P Knucklez, Dysphagia, VwS Executioner.

– Sit at the voting table with the Founders regarding issues involving the whole Clan.
– Highly trusted individuals who have shown commitment to the clan beyond their own needs.
– Been in the clan for an extended period of time… not specific, but talking months here.
– Puts the needs of the Clan before their own.
– Mature individuals at least 18+.
– There to support, inform, and help as they can.
– Responsible for helping with Clan events.
– Clan Moderators.

Sgt at Arms

-Master Rank of atleast 15+ (Some exceptions may apply to those deserving)
 -First and foremost a Solar Rail Leader;
-Leads individual squads into Solar Rail Wars.
DEDICATED Solar Rail player… if you are online during a war, you should be helping with it.
-Spends time in the upcoming week doing some taxis to unlock    upcoming targets.
-Teaches valuable Solar Rail knowledge;
-Proper Mod set ups
-Desirable Weapons / Warframes
Required to teach/help in clan efforts with Leaderboard Events.
 -High score runs.
-Runs to help lower capability members.
-Teaching successful strategy.
-Raid Leader
-Considered knowledgeable on Raid procedures
-Should be able to direct a full group properly and respectfully to succeed in the Raid*
-This person should be capable of helping/training people to be better in many COMPETITIVE aspects of the game. (Solar Rails, Leaderboard Events, PvP/CC)*
-Clan research is a MAJOR priority
-Can help with planning and organizing Clan events.
-Minor Moderator capabilities.
-Requests to stop specific behavior should be adhered to.


Extremely knowledgeable within the game with a mastery rank of 18+ (Some exceptions may apply to those deserving)
HELPFUL to other members with the information they have available.
-Willingness and patience to help in chats, and even go on runs to demonstrate the information shared.
-May be approached at any given time with questions *or a help request* from other clan members.
-It will be known that these are the people to come to with questions about the game.
-Clan Research is a MAJOR Priority
-Can help with planning and organizing Clan events.
-Responsible for upkeeping Clan Activity through recruitment when needed
-Minor Moderator Cabalities.
-Requests to stop specific behavior should be adhered to.


– Individuals capable of taking advice and knowledge shared with them, and put it to practical use without much assistance.
– Shows an active interest in the events and affairs of the Clan (Clan contests, Solar Rail Wars, Event scores).
– Been with the Clan for minimal of 2+ weeks.
– Mastery Rank 10+


– This is our image! Represent it with pride!
– Individual being in the Clan for at least 1 week and reaching a Mastery Rank of at least 5+.


– This is the default recruitment rank.
– Probational period.
– Very little to no leniency in offensive issues.
– No leeway in the form of inactivity (7 day rule currently).


These our brothers and sisters who have notified us of a leave of absence.
Rank only considered to those in the rank of Reaper+.
The higher your rank, the longer and more likely you are to stay in the Clan while inactive… but nothing lasts forever.

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