We are the #1 Overall Clan on the Leaderboards consistently since the first week! (Kills – EVERY week but 5 or 6 / Event #1’s – 3 of 4) We are also EXTREMELY Solar Rail/PvP experienced and focused!

***Earned the #1 Overall score for 4 out 5 Events!***

     #1 Cryotic Event – 233,026 Points! Mountain Clan / Overall!
     –#1 Gate Crash Event – 581 Points! Mountain Clan / Overall!
     –#2 Mutalist Incursion – 4 days 12 hours 52 minutes and 20 seconds! Moon / Overall!
     –#1 Eyes of Blight –  37,190,856 Points! Moon / Overall! (Multiply by 1,000 to compensate for tier balance)

     –#1 False Profit Event – 74,401 Points! Moon / Overall!

***To see leaderboards: Profile –> Stats –> Leaderboards for a list of current leaderboards (Reset Weekly).***

950+ members and a 15 clan max capacity alliance… We are now the Art of War Alliance!Hold 9 Solar Rail Nodes currently with Art of War. Most in the game by any single faction. (Lock n Load also holds one node as a Clan).
Art of War surpassed The Order within weeks after Lock n Load’s departure.
Allied with The Arbiters Alliance through treaty and friendships.
Home of some of the most prominent and involved members of the Community!
Over 250 members at Mastery Rank 10+
Members who stand out showing true commitment to the Clan are regularly rewarded by leaders in the Clan.
Regular in-Clan and in-Alliance events for prizes! Random high dedication players also selected for prizes!
Our Alliance Clans focus on building Alliance Solar Rails so EVERYONE can benefit from them.
0% Clan Tax. Never once have we ever had a tax, and we never will!
Great community of players that is easy to find a squad in… generally our Alliance chat is bigger than the Regional chats and averages 1,000+ online at a time!

***There are also many more fun plans for the future of the Clan, Squads, and more, such as:***

Prize rewarded events are ALWAYS ongoing!
Ongoing recruitment events (Current recruitment event will payout 50 Platinum to the first 10 members to bring us 10 new recruits).
A MASSIVE Maze if DE ever take the room limit away or raises it from 100… but for now this is just a dream.

We need people who do not mind contributing however they can… whether it be donating materials, recruiting or even just helping out newer players in need with missions or info! We want all members also to be ready and willing to do Solar Rail Battles in times of war. It isn’t a requirement to join… but whats the point of having the group if we aren’t going to protect our assets or pursue new ones… right?

***We have established a Multi-gaming Community with LnL and our Clan/Guild extends out into games such as:***

Elder Scrolls Online
Grand Theft Auto IV
Elite Dangerous

and we have plans to expand to many more games in the future! If you have interest not only in our clan on WF, but also on other games, feel free to contact myself (Xodus03) or any of the recruitment contacts and they should be able to direct you in the right direction!

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