Join LocknLoad!

To join, register on this site and post on the “Join” forum. Include your gamertag and what game(s) you play.


Anyone looking to join Lock n Load can can PM one of the following people via Xbox Live message by clicking one of their links below or sending a private message here:

xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 Xodus03’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 Diippzzz’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 ZeRo MeRcY’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 LexaHex488’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 Crucial26’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 Prawnus Maxiumus’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 TheRoyalHitman’s Xbox Live Profile

xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 Bubba5234’s Xbox Live Profile
xbox_symbol.png?version=8dc5af5f-c398-c2 Bubba5234sGals Xbox Live Profile

If you can’t find any of these people, then any other member of the Clan will work! Just ask around for one in one of the chats and I’m sure you will find one…particularly the East Region should work well. Hope to hear from you soon!

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