Welcome to Lock n Load – a Cross Game Guild

Join the Clan by sending a message in the FORUM, XBOX, or to any of our members. You can usually be added in less than one day of your request!

I have been asked many times to describe Lock n Load in so many words… and every time I try, no matter how many words I use, I never feel like I have done it justice. I find I have a far easier time describing Lock n Load with just a single word than I do using hundreds… and that word is  Family.

Since the beginning, we have thrived on competition… And quickly we rose to the top of the Warframe Community! But the reason we have been successful in that competition is because we are there to help raise each other up! Within Lock n Load we have well over 1,000 members that play multiple different games. You may not ever get a chance to meet everyone, but everyone that you do meet should welcome you wholeheartedly and treat you like the family that we are.

As mentioned, we now exist as a group numbering in the thousands, and across multiple games! The name itself started on PC SMITE, but where we grew to the proportions we are today was on Xbox Warframe. We now have groups of players on other games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 , Elder Scrolls Online,  GTA IV, Halo 5, Neverwinter, Star Wars: Battlefront, The Division, and Xbox SMITE. We also have plans to expand to ANY and ALL games that support the clan function or where having a community is beneficial! I welcome you to join our growing family! – Xodus03